MYOMP Workshop No. 3 - 15:00-17:00

MYOMP Workshop No. 3 - 15:00-17:00

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Bring your own wood and we will help you design and make it into a Man Pin you can wear on your lapel or your kilt. If you don’t have any wood but still want to make a Man Pin then we have wood here in the workshop you can buy from us. If a Man Pin is not quite up your street but you have wood, then we can help you turn it into cufflinks or a tie clip instead.

The two hour session will include use of a bandsaw and sanding belt as well as hand tools. Participants must be 14 years or older. There are four spaces in each session but if you are a group of 5 or 6 then please contact us directly and we may be able to arrange a session. 

The workshop is held in Dundee, we will contact you nearer the time with the address.