Our newest collection of Man Pins, My Man Pin Was A…, are made from a variety of old wooden objects. It is our passion to give new life to old wood.

This is an evolving collection, so far we have made Man Pins from a wooden golf club, a hornet sailing dinghy, a sugar coated red wine cask, a whisky dipstick, a charred whisky cask and various instruments including a guitar, cello, drumsticks and bagpipes!

To be worn on your lapel, your kilt, your jumper, or anywhere else you want to stick it. Hand made and finished from sustainably sourced hardwoods with a sprung steel pin. As wood is a natural material the colour may change over time and be slightly different from how you see it on your screen.

We are always on the look out for new old wood, please contact us if you have something you’d like turned into a Man Pin and check out our Make Your Own Man Pins Workshops in May.

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